True Patriotism

TRUE PATRIOTISM TOWARDS A GREAT COUNTRY   The Nigeria of my dream is a nation-state founded on justice and honesty of purpose. This is so because all great nations of the world thrive on justice. I want a Nigeria that has zero tolerance for corruption, religious and tribal bigotry. Indeed, I want to see a Nigeria where people will proudly say “I am a Nigerian living in so, so and so state” and not a Nigerian of a particular state of origin! This arrangement will unite the people, eliminate mutual suspicion among the people and remedy the indigene-settler induced crisis ravaging Nigeria especially in the northern parts of the country. I have a dream that sooner than later, the votes of Nigerians will count and we shall bid adieu to electoral fraud. I envisage that in no distant future, our democracy will be built on one man, one vote – the only condition for the sustenance of constitutional democracy. I believe that if the people’s votes count, the leadership will be more acco